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After opening the package, after the air enters, the flakes begin to heat up and produce water vapor (not easy to see, a small amount), which lasts about 8-10 minutes, and the temperature is 40 ℃.
Why does the air start to heat up and produce water vapor when it enters? Because its main active ingredient is iron powder. When the iron powder comes into contact with oxygen, an oxidation reaction occurs rapidly, generating heat, and the water in the mixture is evaporated to form water vapor. The finer the powder, the faster it heats up. Heat can be maintained for 10 minutes.
The temperature of 40 ℃ accelerates the blood circulation of the eyes and relieves eye fatigue. It is warm, can help sleep, and can also be used as an eye mask. It can be used before going to bed or on planes and trains. It is very convenient. The biggest use of the steam eye mask is convenience, which is suitable for more occasions.