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Vapor hot steam eye mask

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Steam eye mask, also known as vapor hot eye mask, hot eye mask. Using advanced spontaneous thermal temperature control technology, the moisture in the air and metal powder in the eye mask to achieve a heating element, the generation of subtle moist water vapor that can not be seen by the naked eye. It is a product developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named for its ability to spontaneously form heat and generate steam.
This product is a disposable, ready-to-use product, safe and hygienic, which helps to relax the muscles around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. Easy to carry, can be used anytime and anywhere.
Product feature:
Thin sheet type, from the side of the eye to produce the eyes can hardly see the tiny warm steam, soft skin, relieve fatigue. Comfortable temperature of about 40℃, lasting 5-10 minutes, comfortable body and mind.
Disposable use, convenient health and fast.
Easy to carry, can be used anytime and anywhere.
Relaxes the muscles around the eyes and relieves eye strain. Due to the warm around the eyes, the blood flow is urged, the muscles around the eyes are relaxed, the secretion of fat in the eyes is accelerated, the water loss in the eyes is reduced, and the effects of eye fatigue are alleviated. Cause parts of the blood supply difficulties, metabolic disorders eye water shortage.