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Applicable people and instructions for use

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Applicable people and instructions for use
1. If you have children in school, you can use a warmer, stick it on your lap or put it in your pocket. You will never be too cold to concentrate in class again!
2. The elderly at home can use warmers, the elderly are most afraid of cold in winter, you can buy some for the elderly, the elderly stick on the waist or knee will not feel cold, in fact, this is a seasonal necessities for the elderly!!
3. People who often ride bikes can use warmers, the winter wind is very cold, when riding a bike stick a piece on the knee, not only keep warm and effectively prevent rheumatism and reduce pain!
4. Friends who like fishing and other outdoor activities can also stick warmers on the body to keep warm and cold.
5. Married bride can use warmers, in the winter is really a wedding scenery festival, and keep the body warm, energetic and will not catch a cold.